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Picking up from where we left off in our previous article for online learning, this article will give you the lowdown you need on five top business podcasts to follow. Remember, you can simply download a podcast, and listen to it on your phone or media player whilst jogging, commuting or relaxing.

This is about working smart and hard and not wasting your valuable time. Hopefully you will gain some valuable insight with regard to optimising not only your self-start business or initiative, but also bank in on your personal life and budget.

EntreLeadership’ Podcast

With a focus on professional growth, the podcasts features have a heavy emphasis on business management, team building and most importantly, leadership. A particular podcast that has caught my attention however is “Personal Accountability with John Miller.” How a simple single change can be the pivotal trigger to transform your life completely.
John Miller wrote the book “QBQ The Question Behind the Question; Practising Personal Accountability in Work and in Life.” Personal accountability is something we all struggle with somewhere in our professional and/or personal life. It is how we explain sleeping late on a Saturday at the expense of missing that jog the following morning; it is how we explain why we didn’t finish that report for Friday’s meeting and it is what will define our success in the years to come.
Chris Hogan stresses the importance of being honest with yourself whenever you reflect on a past action, and, amongst others, his podcasts provides you with the tools to confront not only your sense of accountability, but also on how to improve in your business management. This podcast channel includes titles such as, “The Entrepreneurial Mentality”, “Position Power Versus Position Persuasive” and “Recognition with Leadership.”

HBR IdeaCast’ Podcast

The following, recommend by Forbes; “HBR IdeaCast” is a bit more hardcore. The collection of podcasts here come from the publishers of Harvard Business Review & Business Press featuring commentary from leading ‘thinkers in business and management.’ Whilst it deconstructs businesses of a grander scale it also provides powerful insight as to what made that business tick allowing the listener to broaden their thinking. Some of the titles in this podcast include, “The Management Myths Hurting Your Business”, “What the Best decision Makers do” and “Why So Many Emerging Giants Flame.”

TechnologyAdvice’ Podcast

A relatively new podcast show, TechnologyAdvice, recaps on the growing technology and emerging trends that could potentially impact businesses. It is important to keep constant track with the ever evolving world of technology and understand the full potential of how each small step can become a giant leap. Titles of this podcast include: “Project Innovation from Google & Apple” and “Gamification-Increasing Productivity is all Fun & Games.”

My Wife Quit Her Job’ Podcast

With a quirky name that embodies a sentiment many of us have wished to express, this podcast aims to tackle the challenges and ‘myths associated with starting an online business.’ It’s a great podcast that deconstructs successful online startups and what process entrepreneurs applied in order to achieve their online success. Titles include: “How to Grow a Blog to Over 1.5 Million Visitors a Month” and “How We Started A 6 Figure Business Selling Hankies So My Wife Could Stay At Home With The Kids.”

The Dave Ramsey Show

Finally, featured as the top episode this week, the Dave Ramsey Show is all about money, budgeting, spending and adding those numbers together in a way that would make sense to you and your accountant. Featuring only one self-titled episode at this point, yet massively popular on Itunes, this is your window into becoming a digital money guru.

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