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Your Signature Uniform Part 2 Written by 

Imagine the scene: closets jam-packed and almost bursting at the seams, as you find yourself whispering, “I have not a single outfit to wear.”

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 Which one of us haven’t been there yet? But is it really true? Is there really not one single outfit we can come up with? For those in the corporate world, it can be easy. Some business firms prefer to have a uniform to wear for all their employees. Although this can save 15-30 minutes of our time in the morning, we still would like to add that personal touch to the ever so dull attire chosen by the boss. Disclaimer: this is not applied to all the bosses out there. Some are clued up with what is fashionable and trending in the world.

Which one of us ladies haven’t been there yet...?
Despite how common the daily symptom seems to be with many, this will hopefully guide you in overcoming the hair-pulling topic that dawn on us women at 6AM every morning. I have heard that some prefer to choose their office looks the night before, allowing them to escape the inevitable reality the next day and try and score a few extra precious minutes in the morning. This does sound amazing, but for most I think it certainly isn’t the case. We’re either way too tired, or we’d much rather spend our evenings catching up on our favourite series.

Developing your own unique style is the starting point and also very important. You want every single item of clothing in your wardrobe to reflect more of who you are as a woman. Once you have mastered that, you will leave the house feeling confident and ready to tackle the day head first. Your signature look is an original combination of functional and aesthetic elements that perfectly represent your style and you.

First things first
Consider what essential items best fit your body shape. Always think about what makes you feel good and what you would be able to wear a lot, in terms of silhouettes. Buying the same item in various colours, with perhaps a slight change in the overall look every now and then, is a perfect way to kick start your new uniform wardrobe. Take skinny pants, a lightweight jersey knit sweater and a pair of flats all in neutrals, for example. Neutrals are always safe colours to go with, as they will never leave you looking like you’ve tried too hard. Neutral clothing and items are a safe bet for the office, but switching it up every now and then with different colour schemes creates an interesting dimension to your everyday uniform. You don’t need a huge wardrobe to get this right!

Another technique to remember when building your unique look is to analyse your lifestyle. Think about how many meetings you have per week and how long you spend in them. This will determine the amount of blazers you will need in your wardrobe, for example. A handy thing to do is to organise your closet and drawers according to pieces instead of colours or seasons.

Think investment, not disposable. Although fast fashion is fun and cheap, investing in high-quality pieces will save you time and money in the long run.

Having a personal uniform doesn’t have to be dry and dull at all. It’s time-efficient, consistently interesting, and unique, so you can spend less time rummaging through your closet in the early morning and more time turning heads as you stride into the office.4



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