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Co-working Spaces for Solopreneurs - Breaking your isolation Written by 

Picking up from where we left off in the previous article concerning co-working spaces, let us do a quick recap on it. Here is a definition I noted in my previous installment: ‘Ideally, co-working refers to the sharing of professional space between individuals, groups of people and possible small businesses who each manage their own businesses but in a space with like-minded people where they can potentially share skills, resources and values.

Co-working individuals usually gather in one rented space and share facilities such as the kitchen, printers, internet and other office necessities. It’s a growing global phenomenon and philosophy.’

This article will focus more on giving you a breakdown on how to choose a space according to your needs, and offer some online resources that helps you make those choices. The most important factors to consider in terms of deciding on your co-working office would be the power of your budget and your personal needs. Consider this, you might find an ideal co-working space in terms of atmosphere, space, equipment, but the location might be impractical. The commute is over an hour, making it expensive as well, meaning that in the long-run you’ll be losing out.

Additionally, if one takes the comforts at home they seem more forgiving on your budget, while at an office you would be inevitably paying for things coffee and some of your meals many times over. Going to an office would also mean looking presentable in respectable attire, and therefore not having the freedom of wearing your pyjamas! You’re also more likely to get sick from the shared space in a confined space rather than at home, especially with the cold winter months that we have been experiencing lately.

The most obvious solution would be considering a co-working space closest to you, even possibly in walking distance, which could help get the blood pumping, starting and ending your work day on the right foot. This could also mean that you’re not too far to easily run home to maybe grab some items that you perhaps forgot, or grabbing a bite there rather than eating out. Here are some reviews and breakdowns on different co-working offices across South Africa, including Cape Town and Johannesburg.

If you are unsure about how to measure up location versus other pros and cons, why not contact a co-working agency that is dedicated towards helping you find your space best suited to your location and giving you a variety of options and packages that fits your financial, personal and professional needs.

A co-working space is an investment move for your company if you play it right, so don’t be afraid to consider the pros that come with it or continue to ask questions. While there may be quite a few cons which could be a deal-breaker, the pros (in my opinion) definitely outweigh them as I sought to show you in my previous article. Breaking your isolation from home and connecting with people sparks creativity and energy vital to driving your entrepreneurial business into something bigger where location will be critical.4


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