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Carl Wallace might be young, but his life, as Abraham Lincoln so wisely penned, is not defined by the years in his life, but the life in his years.

His seemingly short Cape Townian life has already come with many successes - the most significant being VIGO. With a passion and affinity for programming, he shares how it led him to “build a career in the digital space.”

But what is VIGO exactly? According to Mr. Founder and CEO himself, Wallace says that it is a local web building platform destined to become the largest of its kind in Africa. “Being the easiest, mobile friendly, as well as reliable web service on the continent, VIGO is the go to platform for any web related services,” he states.

Wallace is all too aware of the web development competition in the USA, and as important as this seems, he has seen how much more important it is to forge something that is suitable for our context in Africa. And he has. “VIGO is built by Africans for Africans. It was created in order to provide South African small business owners with an affordable solution to a professional online presence in order to grow their businesses.”

Both Wallace and VIGO have recently received much acclaim both locally and abroad, with some impressive accolades to prove it. “We won the MTN App of the Year for Best Cloud based App. We won the National Small Business Champion of South Africa 2014, and I received global recognition as the GER Technology Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Wallace, an exciting entrepreneur himself, has plenty of helpful advice to share with other entrepreneurs who also want to make their mark in the industry. “The most important thing I have learnt is that just because you have a good idea and think it will work does not mean it will. You need to find a real need out there and then figure out whether people would use your solution or not, and then either ditch the idea or fine tune your strategy. If there is a clear need for something, and you package the solution right, it will work. The most important thing is that you never, never, never stop or give up.” Poignant words to take note of.

With all that said, the next burning question on my mind is what aims and ambitions he has for the future. “My dream is to create the largest eco-system of technology for SME’s to thrive in order to increase the success rate of start-ups across the continent.” He continues, “VIGO is my first tech solution in the eco-system I want to create. We already have new tech in development that will be released soon and we will also be acquiring some tech next year. All in all, my goal is to keep innovating and searching for new ways to change the world.”

High hopes indeed, but where would he be today if those exceptional achievements that he already has under his belt simply seemed over-ambitious at the time? This is a fine example to all of us as we chase after our dreams in 2015, putting in the necessary hard yards required for whatever we face in the present. And based on how things have been looking for Carl Wallace lately, it’s safe to say that the best is yet to come.4


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