Wednesday, 11 March 2015 00:00
ISSUE #12 is live! Written by 

Success takes time and working to reach ones full potential is a journey of self discovery and not just a race to find that pot of gold. Knowing how to get there is so much more important than getting there.

In this 12th issue of 4Ward! Magazine, @WORK helps us with 'Seven Ways to Relieve Stress' with Coach K on page 8, while Fashion gives us the lowdown on what to wear for autumn/winter 2015 on page 9.

INFOCUS with Jonathan Just catches up with two ambitious young professionals, Tasneem Kamies & Angelo Pugin, in 'Industry Hopefuls' on page10.

In YOUNG PROFESSIONAL, our new travel column kicks off with 'Solo Travel for the Young Professional' on page 13. Go Pro Engineering explains 'Mechanical Engineering' as a career discipline on page 16, while the Wellness article looks at what it takes to become 'The Sole Breadwinner' at a young age on page 17. Quick Kitchen powers up our morning ritual with a 'Liquid Rush' on page 19 and Jonathan Just wraps up this 12th issue with his next instalment of Leap 4Ward! entitled ‘The Transition’ on page 21.


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