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A Fresh Take on Why You’re Great – Part 2 Written by 
A Fresh Take on Why You’re Great – Part 2 By JoeysPhotos

Have you ever experienced the emotional roller-coaster that your thoughts can send you on in just one day?

When something great happens, you’re excited and feel on top of the world. When something bad happens, you could slip into a slump and feel completely defeated. Then there are those other times when you feel like you’re just cruising on neutral, going through the motions with nothing exciting moving you forward.

I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve found these up-and-down thoughts and emotions quite frustrating. Frustrating because the highs are so great that I just want to be in that place forever, but when those low moments come, they leave me feeling like I’m walking through mud. It’s during these low moments that I’ve often asked myself what I could be doing to get away from these thoughts and feelings that leave me in the valley. I know in my mind that I have the power to get out; the struggle is finding the way out. Have you ever been in a similar position?

This is one of the reasons why coaching became such an important part of my life. Coaching has given me the tools to not only help others, but to help me coach myself through my own highs and lows. By making small changes to the way I ‘see’ my thoughts, I’ve been able to form a deeper connection to my inner greatness and find a path to finally realise how I can stay on top of this roller-coaster ride.

I’ve listed three powerful actions below that you can use to help you reconnect with your greatness when you’re feeling low.

Action 1
Spend time being clear on your true identity. Ask yourself: “Who am I when I feel completely free?” Make a list and keep it somewhere close.

Action 2
Become aware of the kind of thoughts that arise from the voice inside your mind. Ask yourself: “What thoughts am I tuned into most of the time?”

Action 3
Compare the thoughts (from action 2) to the thoughts (from action 1) and then separate the thoughts that are true from those that are not. Realise and appreciate that many of the thoughts that come from action 2 are not you. Your mind is programmed to always be thinking, judging, reasoning, questioning and doubting but you need to be able to listen and separate facts from fiction.

What I love most about these three actions is that they will help you approach every moment of your day with presence and balance and will keep you more grounded through every experience and interaction you have. So instead of getting caught up in the ups and downs, you’ll be able to keep your feet firmly on the ground and make confident decisions that are a reflection of who you really are.

“Believe that you possess a basic goodness, which is the foundation for the greatness you can ultimately achieve.” – Les Brown, motivational speaker

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