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Ten Must-have Accessories Written by 

One of the keys to unlocking your everyday polished look are the accessories that will help you get there. 

Here is a list of ten must-have accessories tailored for any occasion.

1) Dainty charm necklace. Wear one of these daily in either gold or silver (just make sure that it’s plated so that it doesn’t rub off). It acts as a simple yet stylish feminine accessory that can be worn with anything and will go with any outfit.

2) The pendant necklace. This is a long necklace with a charm at the end. What is great about this is that you can layer it with your dainty charm necklace to create a different look. Again, it usually goes best in gold or silver.

3) Bracelets. These can really help make a plain outfit look that much more refined and will add an interesting dimension to your formal look for professional occasions. Choose a style that best fits your personality. A great thing about bracelets is that you can experiment by layering a few of your favourites together.

4) The statement necklace. These are very colourful necklaces that are bold and are usually meant to be worn with plain t-shirts or even dresses. These are statement pieces that will add character to your average outfit and make it look extra polished. It will give the impression that you put a lot of effort into your outfit when it is actually just the necklace.

5) Rings. The rings that seem to be trending currently are the cocktail rings. These are studded and bold. You can also invest in a vintage ring with a pearl in the centre for the index finger. These can be worn daily for a little extra character.

6) The watch. This is one of the accessories that will always be in fashion. Right now the all-gold Micheal Kors-inspired watch is a must have. It goes with any outfit dressed up or down.

7) The leathers. This look has become very popular from the modern day bohemian trend. There is leather everything from bracelets to necklaces, and they are great pieces to wear when going out or even for festivals. It is sure to grab people’s attention.

8) The hoops. The best part about hoop earrings is that there is such a variety so it won’t be hard to find a style that suits you. They range from the sophisticated and elegant to the outlandish and playful, and they are great because they go with anything.

9) Basic earrings. If you are looking for simple accessories, then the basic earrings are for you. These are usually things like studs or baby hoops that will add that touch of class. They are versatile in silver or gold.

10) The plain leather bag. This is a must-have and it comes in many different colours. Look at your wardrobe and find one that will fit with all your clothes. Remember, your bag is the ultimate statement accessory.

So there you have it, 10 must-have accessories in different shapes and sizes that can be worn up or down all year round. Make the right investment.


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