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In the previous article, I introduced you to the must-have accessories for the season and this month I want to talk more about how to wear each one. One of the keys to looking polished and stylish every day is how you wear what you have.

• Dainty charm necklace. This necklace could be worn with any anything from a simple t-shirt to a formal shirt. That is the beauty about this simple accessory. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you adjust your necklace according to your t-shirt or shirt to make sure that they do not compete with each other.

• The pendant necklace is a long necklace that is great for the more elegant look. Pair it with a crisp white shirt or any shirt with a low neckline and this could be for both formal and casual occasions. There is nothing wrong with printed shirts, but if you are trying to make your accessory a statement piece then rather stick to plain shirts.

• Bracelets. The thing about bracelets is that they go with literally any outfit. If you are wearing a plain outfit then go for a bold colour or studded piece. If you are looking for bracelets to wear with your work attire, stick to gold and silver plain bracelets. They keep you looking classy.

• The statement necklace is tricky, because they are all dependent on your wardrobe. Balance is key, because colour blocking can be really bad. When deciding, look at reds, blues, pinks and yellows. These are all colours that can go with pretty much anything you’re wearing, whether it is a dress, t-shirt or shirt. Another thing to consider is prints because you do not want your look to be too busy. So only wear the statement necklace if the rest of your outfit is plain, because its job is to indeed make a statement.

• A watch goes with anything you wear. However, one tip I must give is that it is just not ok to wear watches of the plastic variety. If you are two-to-sixteen year old then yes, but after that you should settle for something a little more elegant (plain gold or silver or even something with a leather strap will do). Remember, going neutral is always better so that it can fit with any outfit. Also make sure that if you want to show off your watch wear things that will not cover it completely. And lastly, don’t wear your watch over a long sleeve shirt. It just looks untidy.

• The plain leather bag. Look at your wardrobe and choose one that will fit with all your clothes as you keep in mind how you wear it. If you are wearing a coat or any long jacket I highly recommend the bag with short arms so that you wear it by your elbow. If you are sporting something like a casual t-shirt then the sling leather bag could work, because it will not be hidden in all your layers of clothes.

Evaluate your wardrobe, then make sure you invest in a few key accessories to polish your everyday look.


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