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Forward faith By wallyir

It’s almost October, and change is in the air.

Yes, the weather is getting warmer with endless days of sunny blue skies on the horizon. And that makes me very happy. But can the same be said for our lives?

When we honestly look at where we are at not only work-wise but also with regard to the other areas that make up who we are, can we expect a similar forecast?

Remember what I said last month about the sacrifices you’ll need to make in order to get where you eventually hope to be in the industry? Are those sacrifices being made at the expense of your general wellbeing? Have you weighed up how much importance you place on your work in light of the other areas of your life? As a result of ambitiously chasing after what you know you’ve been created to do, have your relationships with friends and family been suffering, your physical and spiritual health taken a dip, or maybe (quite simply) the focus of your life shifted from what you once enjoyed outside of work to your career taking centre stage? If this is you (and that’s okay), it’s time to reconsider why you’ve put so much pressure on yourself to perform.   

To help you do that, you’ll need to start by examining your motives for why you’re doing what you’re doing in the professional sector. I know this might sound strange, but it comes down to a question of faith. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the job one chooses needs to have some sort of religious agenda attached to it. Rather, it’s soberly asking yourself: ‘What or who am I trusting in to see my dreams in the industry come true? Who am I trying to please?’ Faith, when you really think about it, is far beyond taking a blind leap into the dark. On the contrary, faith is the substance that propels us in the direction we know we’ve been created to journey down. It’s more than a degree or qualification, but trusting in something or someone outside of ourselves who made us and knows what’s best for us. This is what I mean by faith, and it’s quite a mysterious thing once you start unpacking it. 

The Bible obviously has plenty to say on the subject. A well-known scripture that many often rattle off is Hebrews chapter eleven verse one: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

What does it mean to be “certain of what we do not see”? Before I take a stab at what I think the Hebrews writer is talking about, let me briefly tell you what it’s not saying. 

It’s firstly not saying that you have no assurance that the steps you take into the unknown are not known by the One who has called you to take them. Secondly, it’s not saying that we will be completely aloof to where this leap of faith will ultimately lead us. Granted, we won’t know the nitty-gritty detail of what our lives will look like five, ten, or twenty years from now, but I guess that’s why you call it faith. And lastly, the road marked out before you is not one that you have to walk alone. God, in His word, promises to journey with you by His Spirit and provide every good gift that you need. If you’re still not convinced, continue reading chapter eleven and you’ll see God’s track record of faithfulness to His people of old. It’s our confidence that He will continue to be faithful today.

This is why we can be certain in not what we see for our futures, but what God has planned for us. It tells me that I have a sure hope He will do more with me than what I could ever attempt on my own.

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” 

This was the desperate cry of a first century father pleading with Jesus to remove an evil spirit that had tormented his son since childhood. What was Jesus’ response? It certainly wasn’t, “No, how dare you have any doubt!? First purify your heart and then I might heal your boy.” Instead Jesus sees the genuineness of the man’s heart. He understands that Jesus has the power to change the fate of his son’s life. This is what he stakes his faith on and it turns out even better than what he could have ever imagined. Therefore, it’s not the size of your faith in God that will bring about radical change, but rather the substance of your faith. When you admit that God is so much greater than you are, nothing is impossible because you believe that God will do the work of change.

So, when all is said and done, do you believe that it is in your power to change the course of your life? Is it up to us where we eventually land up one day once we’ve reached the pinnacle of our careers? I hope you realise that it’s not. Dare to leap forward in faith trusting in the God who doesn’t know impossible, only love. He promises to do more with your life, more with your career, than what you could have ever thought possible.4  


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