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Smart Apps for Smart Young Professionals Written by 
Smart Apps for Smart Young Professionals By pippalou

With a smart phone, comes smart thinking and what better than to have a few smart apps to help us manage our finances, calendars and tasks.  

As up-and-coming young professionals, learning to keep tight control on our finances can be challenging, however the sooner you learn discipline and get the hang of it, the quicker you are on your way to financial freedom.  Be in full control of your finances; familiarize yourself with your bank, its service offerings and costs involved and download the necessary banking app it offers. This way you always know what is going on in your account and, your financial status is no more than a finger swipe away.

First National Bank 

ABSA Bank 


Standard Bank 

Capitec Bank 

For Android, you can download an app called GoodBudget that allows you to keep daily track of your expenses and help you manage your budget. It also gives you the option to share and sync your budget with two friends or family members which is handy when managing a shared expenses account. As is typical with most technology today, your data is automatically kept in the cloud.

For Iphone Devices, there is a nifty little app called Spending. It’s relatively similar to GoodBudget, allowing a daily and monthly budget to manage, control and observe. The playful user-interface creates a visually stunning backdrop highlighting your expenses and income in a colourful and powerful red and green. 

Now that your financial woes are taken care of, you can focus on managing your daily life, juggling your classes with your part-time job and stay on track with that massive project. Usually, the inbuilt calendars and reminders of your smart-phone are not too shabby to remind you of that dentist’s appointment or to buy milk on the way home.

Carrot an Iphone app which is a snarky manager that becomes upset when you fail to complete your tasks and usually ends up insulting you. As you level up with her, and engage with her she becomes happy and encouraging showering you with praise.

Wunderlist which works on all Smartphone and computer platforms is a list-manager that syncs across different devices and makes use of cloud-technology. One of the neat features of this task-manager is the ability to share it with other people who can also add and edit it. What a great way to literally share the grocery shopping list without having to see each other. There is also something very satisfying in the way it ticks itself off, rewarding you with a woody swoosh sound.

Evernote is a handy notekeeping app ideal for student and class use. It is excellent at organising notes according to date, time, location and subject without you having to be involved much in sorting through it. Forgot when you made those super important notes you need this week? Easy, just browse your notes via location and vice versa. This program is available on every device, and immediately syncs from iPad to computer to cellphone as long as you have your own account. Like Wunderlist, you can also share your notes with other people such as your classmates giving you access to potentially a much broader perspective on what people learned at class.  The uses of Evernote extend beyond the classroom and into the business world as well, helping you to catalogue and brainstorm as an individual or with other people.  Store presentations, notes, photos, audio interviews and much more to access from anywhere in the world. 

Remember what makes these apps powerful tools in your life, is the way in which you use them. You define the tool.  


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