Nigel Cameron Davies

In this second part to electrical engineering we will discuss the various fields that you as a budding electrical engineer can investigate while studying and the different bodies an engineer will be affiliated with.

In this instalment of Go Pro I will venture to offer an overview of the requirements that a person interested in electrical engineering would need to know.

Mechanical Engineers offer efficient results to the advance of processes and products, from small component designs to very large plants, vehicles or machinery.

In this issue I will present to you an overview of the requirements and work that a person interested in following a career in Mechanical Engineering could follow.

In this series of articles I will be discussing a number of engineering disciplines for which there is a drastically short supply of suitable talent.

In this second instalment on Google+, I hope to show you more of the wonder of this great platform.

Without sounding biased, more attention should be paid to the wonderful platform of Google+. If I were in a position to wave a magical wand and have everyone on Facebook migrate over to Google+ I would be ecstatic.  Why you may ask?  

The previous article summarised the first five issues we covered about LinkedIn. This second instalment will conclude with a final summary of the remaining seven articles.

In this and the next article Nigel goes back to summarise what we have covered on LinkedIn since the launch of 4Ward! Magazine.

Right, let’s get straight into the topic we started looking at in the last issue by sending you back to LinkedIn’s productivity tools page. Again, I will post the shortened link here for ease of access:

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