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There’s only one thing worse than being left in the dark, and that’s being left in the dark with a pile of homework! Luckily, is now able to help keep students test ready and switched on, even when nothing else is.

Success takes time and working to reach ones full potential is a journey of self discovery and not just a race to find that pot of gold. Knowing how to get there is so much more important than getting there.

M-Net has appointed Bobby Heaney as the Academy Director for the M-Net Magic in Motion Academy, the company’s flagship CSI initiative.

This 11th issue of 4Ward! Magazine brings you all the good stuff to help get you prepared and ready for 2015.

Wel, ons Beroeps Mentor, Nelize Ernst is hier om jou te help!

This 10th issue of 4Ward! Magazine has everything to keep you motivated to execute your plans and achieve the goals you have set for yourself this year, and with the Festive Season approaching fast, we need a serious dash of self-discipline for the next few weeks to come.

The M-Net Magic in Motion Expo which took place at Marks Park, Johannesburg from Monday 11 August to Thursday 14 August, is the first of its kind in South Africa and has given students a comprehensive overview of careers available to them in the film and TV industry.

Here are the latest internship & learnerships from our JobShop page

Here are the latest internship & learnerships in South Africa from JOBSHOP

In this One Year Anniversary issue we hope to inspire you with our journey over the past 12 months of awesomeness that came from hard work, dedication and true passion.

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