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Right, let’s get straight into the topic we started looking at in the last issue by sending you back to LinkedIn’s productivity tools page. Again, I will post the shortened link here for ease of access:

In the last issue we looked into the Outlook Social Connector tool, I trust you found this tool as useful as I have; it makes searching one’s contacts on LinkedIn a lot faster in Outlook. In this issue I want to expose you to the other two “tools”, namely the Email Signature (more of a brag factor than a “tool”) and the Toolbar Assistant.

The Email Signature is great if you are new to the world of work and still need a corporate signature in place which is very good to use. It can also be used on your private email platform, so as not to interfere with your corporate ID. If you are consulting or are starting your own business and haven’t created a corporate identity as yet, this gives your email that basic yet professional touch.

Get started by clicking on the “Try It Now” button located to the right of the Email Signature description. This will take you to the email signature wizard page which LinkedIn have entitled Create Email Signature. There are 17 variations to choose from in the Signature Layout section. This wizard is really self-explanatory, go ahead and fill in all the required fields; you will note that as you complete the various fields, the signature sample reflects these changes and you start to get a feel for the finished ‘product’. Slow down right here because as with most things IT, you will have to save before moving onto another project! At the bottom of the wizard page are the numerous instructions for saving your new email signature into the email platform that you use, so be sure to get it right or else you will lose the work.

Now that your signature is done let us move onto a simple but effective tool, namely the Toolbar Assistant. If you are using Google Chrome then you won’t need to download the toolbar, but if you use Internet Explorer 6+,Windows XP SP3/Vista/7+, Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ for Windows 2000, XP and Vista, Mac OSX and Linux then download the toolbar via this shortened link:

In closing with LinkedIn tools, I want you to add a sharing button onto your tool bar. You would use this button if you were reading a great article that you wanted to share with your now growing network on LinkedIn. Instead of copying the URL and then pasting it on your stream you click the “Share on LinkedIn” button and it does it for you. A simple tool to increase productivity by saving key strokes – I love it. Here’s the link: - enjoy!

Ken Blanchard, the motivational speaker, author and business consultant said the following: “People who feel good about themselves produce good results.” So, feel good about that signature you just created and good results will follow.4



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