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As a follow-up to the last article on summer footwear trending for the new season, I have decided to go a bit sportier in this piece and particularly focus on sneakers worth bringing to your attention.

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Because everyone is going the fitness route nowadays, what’s cool with certain sneakers is that they can be worn throughout the year, meaning that your purchases will be great long-term investments.

As expected, the spring/summer 2014 Fashion Week runway shows were a visual showcase for all shoe lovers out there. We saw it all this upcoming season. You don’t have to search further than the street-style blogosphere, like “The Satorialist” to know that all the coolest girls are putting their best foot forward and pairing their denim short shorts with all-white sneakers this summer.

So what are the top sneakers everyone is running to?
Well it has got to be the all-white Nike Air Max trainers. Girls everywhere are dying to get their hands on a pair of them. Mostly seen teamed up with denim short shorts, boyfriend jeans and even cute summery shift dresses, the sneaker trend is taking over. From the colourful and luminous Nike Roshe Run and Nike Free Run 5.0, it has been proven and shown that you can indeed now wear sneakers even to a business lunch, paired with the right outfit.

Another favourite would be the New Balance sneakers. There is something about the bold N on the sneaker that leaves girls feeling stylish and in step with what’s out there. With the New Balance sneaker line bringing out more sophisticated colours, you can now also go with what is called the minimalism trend. By slipping into your sneakers expect to embrace a classy look in the workplace that’s not attracting too much attention.

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can obviously invest in some colourful, especially red, Converse sneakers. Pair these with stockings and distressed shorts and a plaid shirt for a relaxed afternoon with friends. You can also wear them to the office with either skinny or wide leg jeans.

The fact remains that the fast-growing sneaker trend is a trend for all seasons. It has become more acceptable to zip down to a girl’s lunch in sneakers and not look like you had just come from the gym. Sneakers are not solely for the gym anymore but seen on the feet of girls everywhere, and at almost any function. Truth be told, sneakers have become the new fashion accessory, while also boasting more comfort than what you’ll find with most of your other footwear.

So, if you’re after that sporty/stylish look that’s definitely at the top of the summer shoe checklist, make sure you tick it off and let your sneakers make a statement this coming season.


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