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2014 in Question – part 2 Written by 

I won’t waste any time asking you about your holidays, because I’m sure you’re reading this hoping to find some powerful, no-nonsense motivation to get you running towards your goals for 2015. I applaud your energy and I’m ready to take you there.

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You’ll need a pen and paper, so get that out first, then come right back. I’m going to ask you a whole lot of questions and you need to be ready with your quickest, most intuitive, honest answers, writing them down freely without judging what you say. 

Your deepest desires for this year
Start by asking yourself a few questions. What do you want to achieve this year? What are you looking forward to? What are the things you want to do that will make you incredibly proud of yourself when you’ve done them? What experiences do you have to have that you know deep down in your heart will bring you the greatest feeling of fulfilment? What are the activities you need to get involved in to get you out of your comfort zone, build your self-confidence, and push you to the next level?

I want you to imagine that this year is opening up to you right now, filling itself with endless possibilities that are just waiting for you to grab and make your own. Imagine that you have the chance to pick and choose your most thrilling goals and adventures – perhaps the ones you’ve been praying for for the longest time? Imagine they are right in front of you now and you are free to pick whichever one you want the most. Which would you choose as your top five and why?

Looking more closely at your top five
If you immediately changed your beliefs about who you are and what you want to do in 2015, which beliefs would you need to have to make these goals possible? What level of courage would you need to have to make these goals a reality? What would not achieving each of these goals cost you emotionally and perhaps even financially? How badly do you want to achieve each one? And what do you need to release or let go of to make these five goals a reality?

Ever notice how we spend so much time looking into our past to find reasons why our goals will be impossible to achieve? We give so much time, energy and attention to the mistakes we’ve made, that we end up completely paralysing ourselves and the choices we have available to us in the present moment. If you made a commitment to let go of any reasons that could stop you from achieving these five goals this year, what would those reasons be? Who do you need to become to ensure that those reasons don’t stop you anymore?

If any of these questions were too much for you to answer right now, take a break. Step away from this exercise, go for a walk and think about them again, then come right back. If you get stuck along the way, just start again from the top if you want to. Take your time to answer each one in as much detail as you can. We need you to go into this year with a clear and focused mind that knows exactly what it wants so we can make it happen, together.4


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