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Dressing for the Occasion – Part 2 Written by 

Even though we enter February with the festive season in our wake, it doesn’t mean the party needs to stop!

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So, you got the invite. Now the question is, what are you going to wear? Don’t panic. Whether it’s a fancy-dress or a black-tie, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to dress for that auspicious occasion.

With casual-wear, pretty much anything goes but it’s important to know what doesn’t. Now, as much as you wish you could wear your pyjama pants and bunny slippers out, this just won’t do. You can dress comfortably and still look good. There’s no harm in putting a little effort into your appearance so that you are at least presentable to the public.

Also sometimes called ‘casual dressy’, this dress code is a level up from your everyday basic attire. Spice up your normal wear with a smart jacket, and wear pumps or boots instead of sneakers. For the guys, wear a buttoned collar shirt instead of a tee.

Fancy Dress/ Costume Party
Dress according to the theme, but it’s always better when you try to be original. Don’t spend a ton of cash on an elaborate costume; you might be pleasantly surprised at what you can make yourself out of stuff lying around in the back of your wardrobe. Tip: try hunting for outfits at vintage stores or charity shops if the back of your wardrobe doesn’t deliver.

Business Casual
It’s the beginning of the year and with that comes office parties! Keep on the black pencil skirt (girls) or chinos (guys) you wore to work and change your shirt or blouse to something more fun. For the ladies, wear heels higher than what you would normally wear to work for that party edge. No jeans or sneakers allowed!

Business Formal
This dress code is usually only needed at formal work functions, so wear something business-appropriate. What do I mean by that? Yes, it’s a work function, but try not to be too sombre. It’s still a party (sort of), so dress up!

Cocktail attire calls for short elegant dresses with heels for her, and a dark suit with a tie for him. Cocktail do’s are formal but should be fun too, so look smart but don’t be shy to add a little jazz to your outfit. The little black number is the ultimate cocktail dress. Ladies, spice it up with some bling, and gents, add that touch of class with a pair of cufflinks.

Black Tie
Black tie means very formal, so when I say you need to pull out the big guns I mean do it James Bond style. For the guys, it has got to be the tux and bow tie. For the girls, dress to kill in an elegant full-length gown and statement accessories.
If you’re struggling to crack the dress code and are unsure about what is appropriate, you can always ask! Contact the host, the party organiser, or call up a friend who is also invited. It’s better to be sure what to wear so that when you arrive you’ll stand out for the right reasons.4


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