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Corporate Wear for Young Women Written by 

Corporate wear, also known as power-dressing, is dressing to present yourself in a way that gives you authority, confidence and a professional look in the workplace.

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As styles continuously change in the fashion industry, keeping up with corporate trends are probably the most difficult thing to do, especially because it’s a day to day lifestyle. You want it to be easy and comfortable, but stylish at the same time.

Today’s corporate wear has become more effortless and casual, yet it remains appropriately professional. It is all about styling your garments. Classic pieces will forever be a must in your wardrobe for every season, one of them being a white shirt, which is easy to pair with other garments to get a trendy corporate look. It doesn’t have to be all new, it would be rather expensive having to renew you wardrobe every season when you could take pieces you already have and mix and match to keep things interesting. For this season bold colours are a must have, but keeping it clean is key. ”With boldness of style comes boldness of character,” as they say.

Sticking with black and white is always a safe bet in the workplace although monochromatic will forever be trending, it is a classic after all. Don’t be afraid to make a statement and accessorize with a pop of colour, because you can! Experimenting with different textured fabrics and prints is also a nice way of staying in trend. Don’t let it scare you, it will boost your presence and be an attention-grabber this season. If you are more the safe type, pencil stripes and hound’s-tooth will give you that classy look. For a more daring and modern approach, a little bit of check and polka dots won’t hurt anybody.

The new power-dressing is about matching your wardrobe with an optimistic and fearless mindset. To make an impression, head-to-toe in colour is an easy way to do so. A soft suit, whether it be a pastel or statement colour, paired with a casual tee is perfection.
Midi skirts are a must. It lies between mini which isn’t appropriate for work and maxi which is more of a laid back look, so the midi skirt strikes the right balance for the corporate world. Paired with a fitted tee and a bold blazer or a simple classic shirt will give you that professional and classy look. Anyone can pull it off.

This season is all about experimentation and stepping out of comfort zones. Show that you have the freedom to be more than you have ever been before. Don’t be afraid to make a statement, stand out, and stroll into the office as if you’ve already gotten the promotion you’ve always wanted. Empower yourself through style.


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